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Apple Vs. Samsung: Round Two Slated for 2018

Late last month, word spread of a potential rematch between Apple and Samsung following a long-winded patent battle related to the iPhone maker’s slide-to-unlock technology.  However, on November 6th,  the Supreme Court denied Samsung’s appeal of its 2016 decision, upholding its previous ruling and awarding Apple $120 million, officially squashing any rumors of a round two.

The two will, however, revisit an even bigger suit early next year.  Apple first accused Samsung of “copying the aesthetics of the iPhone” back in 2011, and won its case in 2012 when a jury awarded the tech giant over $1 billion in damages.  That number was later decreased to roughly $400 million, a decision that was then overturned by the Supreme Court in December of last year.  Now, Apple and Samsung will head back to district court in May for a new trial to determine the cost of damages.

Samsung has faced a slew of patent suits in the last few years, including its more recent litigation with Chinese networking and telecommunications company, Huawei Technologies, who accused Samsung of infringing its patents related to “fourth-generation cellular communications technology, operating systems” and more.  Huawei won the first battle earlier this year, when a Chinese court ordered Samsung to pay 80 million yuan, or, over $11 million.

Meanwhile, Apple is getting set to face off with Corephotonics, an Israeli-based startup specializing in dual camera technology.  The company claims that the cameras built into the iPhone 7  Plus and iPhone 8 Plus infringe on a number of its patents, specifically those related to “mini telephoto lens assembly” and “dual aperture zoom digital cameras.”  Corephotonics allegedly reached out to Apple regarding a potential licensing agreement after it was founded in 2012, but the two never reached a consensus.

Despite growing concerns over the need to mitigate unnecessary patent litigation, the smartphone patent wars continue.  What cases do you have your eye on?  Share with us in the comments.