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Bill Gates to Bring “Smart City” to Arizona

Bill Gates is no stranger to innovation; in fact, the billionaire has just invested in the development of a new “smart city” in Arizona, intended to serve as a hub for innovation and progressive technology in the greater-Phoenix area.

The 24,800 acre development, named Belmont, will allegedly feature the latest and greatest in technology, including: autonomous vehicles, advanced digital networks, data centers and much more.

The former Microsoft CEO has invested $80 million in the project which, following completion, is expected to emulate Tempe in terms of size and population.

Belmont Partners, a real-estate group based in Arizona, will help build the development, putting in over 3,000 acres of commercial space, more than 400 acres of public school grounds and close to 80,000 homes.  The possibility of a freeway leading directly from the city to Las Vegas is also being discussed.

Gates isn’t the only one working on creating Smart Cities, either. Just last month, Alphabet subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs, announced plans for the redevelopment of Toronto’s southeastern waterfront.  The company has already invested $50 million in the project, aimed at transforming 12 acres into a tech-friendly, data-driven, innovative “smart” neighborhood. The project is expected to remain in the planning stages over the next year, as Sidewalk (in collaboration with government agency Waterfront Toronto) continues to discuss development details for the new city, deemed Quayside.