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Patent Consulting, Research and IP Solutions

Who We Are
& How We Serve

We are an end-to-end IP consulting firm who assists companies , law firms, universities and government agencies by providing expert research and consulting so you or your clients can:

  • Determine R&D, IP & Patent Portfolio Strategies
  • Determine whether or not to pursue a particular IP Strategy or file a specific patent
  • Protect and defend a patent or portfolio of patents
  • Save countless hours and lawsuit costs
  • Leverage the earning potential of a portfolio
  • Solve a market need and achieve revenue goals
  • License or sell patent holdings

How Patent Research & Consulting Impacts Your Business

Patent Research Solutions from Decades of Experience

Uncover infringers and protect market share.

Guard against your patent being denied and get the broadest coverage possible.

Determine the likelihood of your patent being granted.

Ensure you’re not unknowingly infringing.

Save countless time and money, preventing a cease and desist situation.

Quality research enables you to make confident decisions at each stage of the IP lifecycle.

We can assist with:

R&D, Portfolio Strategy & Business Strategy

So that your company’s patent activity supports your business objectives

Patent Prosecution, Drafting, Ideation & Portfolio Management

So that you gain a clear insight into your company’s IP and how to maximize its potential

Litigation, Licensing & Assertion Support

So that you can safeguard your investments

Patent Brokerage, Valuation

So that you can leverage your portfolio to fit into today’s market.

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Reduce unnecessary costs and identify new potential sources of revenue.

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Analyze and Strategize
Prepare for Profitability (Analyze and Strategize)
  • Understand which ideas would benefit from filing a patent and how that decision will benefit your company.
  • Gain a clear understanding of your portfolio and how to streamline, maximize, and monetize.
  • Stay on top of your portfolio to expand its earning potential and support your objectives.
  • Stay competitive, grow shareholder value, and create revenue.

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Create Your Vision
  • Move forward with confidence, having better knowledge regarding patents, prior art, and competitor data.
  • Devote your time to what’s important while we assist in drafting your patent(s).
  • Unleash creativity knowing we’ve got the ideation and invention processes to manage your inventive concepts.

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With Research at the hub, it guides the decisions at various phases of the IP lifecycle. It can assist with:

  • Portfolio Strategy and Business Strategy, so that your company’s patent activity supports your business objectives
  • Patent Prosecution, Drafting, Ideation and Portfolio Management, so that you gain a clear insight into your company’s IP and how to maximize its potential
  • Litigation, Licensing and Assertion Support, so that you can safeguard your investments
  • Patent Valuation, Brokerage, so that you can leverage your portfolio to fit into today’s market

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Maximize the Potential of Your Inventions (Monetize)

Identify and leverage options to maximize your portfolio’s earning potential, so you can:

  • Create a revenue stream with licensing options.
  • Refine your portfolio by selling patents when the market is right for maximum potential or that no longer serve your objectives.

GPS works with companies to establish a clear path forward for each patent within the company’s portfolio.

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Protect Your Valuable Assets (Defend)

Patents and IP are some of your most valuable assets and have come after tremendous investment of time and money. Protecting them is critical. Develop a plan so you can:

  • Safeguard your ideas and secure intellectual property protection.
  • Be prepared for potential litigation.
  • Operate ethically by doing your due diligence.
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses of prior art.

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Who We Serve


We understand that your IP isn’t just a company asset. It’s the representation of innovation, hard work, and significant investment.

GPS provides support for R&D, Prosecution and Litigation activities, and IP Portfolio and Business Strategy. We work directly with those utilizing patents to create business momentum and bring new technology into the world.

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Law Firms

GPS assists outside counsel in all the ways you help your clients to obtain patents, defend their patents, protect their technologies, and guard against infringement.

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Bring technologies to the world that impact humanity.

At GPS, we help universities bring innovation to the world by helping them formulate partnerships and strategies for success between the licensors and licensees. Working together, we’ll find the best ways to help you commercialize your technologies, getting your solutions in the hands of those who need them most.

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Foster innovation that meets the public’s needs for years to come.

We recognize that government research not only serves to support the immediate needs of the public through each agency’s primary focus, but it also lays the foundation for subsequent commercial activity that builds upon that foundational work. At GPS, we provide cost-effective support for agencies’ achievement of their research and commercialization goals. Whether supporting the Agency’s own operational activities or supporting their SBIR/STTR participants, GPS involvement ensures the innovation process is optimized.

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Industries Served

Electrical & Computer Technology
Healthcare & Medical Devices
Biology, Biotechnology & Biomedical
Chemistry, Material Science, Metallurgy & Seals
Oil Field Technology
Business Methods

What Others Are Saying

The quality of the searches that Global Patent Solutions does is good. We've been happy with just how they're doing it, and they've been receptive on tailoring the searches to accommodate our specific needs.
Paul J.
Patent Counsel, Karsten Manufacturing (PING Golf)
“I've been using Global Patent Solutions for three or four years, maybe five years. Having a research company I can rely on streamlines my work life enormously...They do a really, really solid job. I'm in a position where I can judge, because I have done this type of work myself professionally. I'm really happy with what they do.”
Leslie W.
Patent and Trademark Attorney, Leslie A. Wallerstein LLC
“Small and medium sized businesses don`t have the resources to do everything that is required to stay on top of a patent portfolio. Big corporations have in-house sources, but that consumes a large portion of their budget. Consulting firms can economically fill the gaps for those companies. It`s a great value.”
Allan V.
Lone Star Intellectual Property
“I like using someone who is very competitive with other companies. That’s why we continue to use them and we like their work product.”
Jeff M.
Patent Attorney, Weiss & Moy, P.C.

We’re Here For You

To you, patent research may be like trying to find the needle in a haystack. For us, it’s our expertise. And discovering ways for you to leverage your patents to create new revenue is something you don’t have to do alone. We’d love to assist you in bringing your ideas to life from the initial concept to patent grant and monetization.

Connect with us today for a complimentary, no obligation consultation to discover solutions to fit your needs.