Serving Government


Foster innovation that meets the public’s needs for years to come.

We recognize that government research not only serves to support the immediate needs of the public through each agency’s primary focus, but it also lays the foundation for subsequent commercial activity that builds upon that foundational work. At GPS, we provide cost-effective support for agencies’ achievement of their research and commercialization goals.

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Global Patent Solutions is for you if you want to:
  •  Cost-effectively enhance your core research with expertise regarding related patent information
  •  Bring predictability to managing patent-related expenses and reduce dollars spent with outside counsel
  •  Have trusted resources you can turn to when turnaround times are important
  •  Find business partners with the expertise, commitment, and resources to commercialize government technologies.
  •  Find licensees who cooperate for the commercialization of the invention.
  •  Keep track of your portfolio – prioritizing, leveraging, valuing, and monetizing – to allow you to focus on other objectives.
We can:
  • Enable you to operate confidently, knowing you have done your due diligence with professional patent research that augments your own technical research
  • Provide resources to help in marketing, selling or licensing patents.
  • Efficiently draft your patents to optimize the probability of your patents being granted.
  • Bring efficiencies to your needs throughout the full patent lifecycle, making sure your portfolio is always being effectively managed.




Services Include

Research Services

For nearly a decade, GPS has provided patent search and other services to numerous government agencies.  At GPS, we are experts in every type of patent search, and we have teams of skilled analysts versed in all fields of technology.  We can customize any research project to include technical, market or patent research.  Significant expense savings can be achieved by partnering with GPS to augment your technology research with our patent research before turning to outside counsel for patent-related services.  If you would like to read about specific patent search types more in-depth, please click here.

Search Enhancement Software

Improve efficiency of research activities.

Do you need to perform cursory or other patent-related searches?  Do you want to check on searches that you have outsourced?  If so, GPS has developed a proprietary tool to enhance the effectiveness of other free and subscription search tools so that you can streamline your searches to save money and time.  Ask us whether this tool might be appropriate for your own use.



Patents may not be your sole focus. They are ours.

If your internal team has overflow or if you do not have an internal IP team, GPS can help. Put us to work to assist in drafting your patent application today. You focus on what you do best. Let outside counsel focus on prosecution activities. Utilize GPS to cost-effectively be the bridge between.



Drawings, Translations, Foreign Filing Support

Find the support you need for niche services

Leverage the industry relationship that GPS has forged over the years to find the support you need for niche services related to the prosecution efforts.


Ideation and invention/ Disclosure Management Services

Support in managing ideas and inventions so priorities can be best managed.

GPS addresses the prosecution effort holistically, helping you ensure that ideas are vetted and moved thorugh the decision and filing processes most efficiently and effectively, therby reducing the cost and improving predictability within your IP managment.



Target Identification

Identify licensees to commercialize your research investment.

GPS provides key research support to help you confidently identify those who should be licensing your IP so that your technology gets the greatest reach possible.  Typical projects include:

  • Licensee identification
  • Partnership and commercial channel opportunity assessment
  • Evidence-of-Use Analysis

Marketing & Sales Support For Patent Assets

Market your patents to get them into public use quickly

GPS has the resources and expertise to create a marketing package that shines the best light on the assets to be licensed or sold. We help clearly convey the value to potential buyers and partners, and we can quickly customize the messaging for each specific opportunity.

Brokerage & Patent Marketplace

Use our experience to promote your assets in the marketplace, generating interest for your technology.

GPS has the means to also get your patent assets in front of those who would best benefit from an acquisition or license of the patent or portfolio. We can augment your own promotional activities and also get your patent or portfolio listed and promoted through an industry-leading patent marketplace, thereby providing additional exposure for your technology.