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This Candy Company is Finding Innovative Ways to Cut Sugar

Retailers everywhere are in for a real treat, as consumers prepare for the Halloween ahead.  According to NPR, candy sales are expected to reach over $4 billion this year, a 4.1% rise from 2016, but as kids and consumers are splurging on sugary snacks, one company is focused on cutting back.

Late last year, Nestle announced the development of an innovative new process that would help cut the sugar in its confectionaries by as much as 40%.  Researchers at the Swiss food company have allegedly found a way to structure sugar differently, so as to create the same sweet taste using a significantly smaller amount.

It’s “groundbreaking research,” according to Chief Technology Officer, Stefan Catsicas, that is “inspired by nature,” and a big step in supporting Nestle’s mission to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for its consumers.  The company is currently patenting its findings and will most likely begin implementing them into its manufacturing process sometime next year.

Some of its other objectives include: cutting sodium and saturated fat by up to 10% in its products by 2020 and its commitment to using trans fat-free ingredients in over 99% of its food and beverages.  Nestle has worked for almost a decade to create better-tasting and better-for-you products, first introducing its “global policy on sugar reduction” back in 2007; however, the candy business seems to be a tough one to break.

Most chocolate is made of almost 50% sugar, and a single candy bar can easily contain well over the American Heart Association’s recommended daily sugar intake (less than six teaspoons), so Nestle’s discovery could be monumental.  So far, the company has removed over 39,000 metric tons of sugar from its products from 2014-2016.  To see what else they’re up to, click here.