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Food Industry Patents & Innovation

Patents in the food industry may seem few and far between, but there are tons of inventive companies and restaurants dedicated to discovering the next big thing. From chocolate to smart utensils to unique food-safety practices, these innovative products services are transforming the food industry one bite at a time:

Florida-based company Legal Lean is manufacturing a new form of “snortable chocolate” called Coco Loko.  The controversial product hit U.S. shelves earlier this year and is being marketed as “raw cacao snuff,” designed to give consumers energy, increase mental focus and provide a rush of euphoria.  The product consists of cacao powder, caffeine and other ingredients that are found in most energy drinks.

Spun Utensils is giving consumers a fun and interactive new way of tracking their nutrition with its unique smart eating utensil.  Equipped with interchangeable fork and spoon heads, this nutrition-based tool uses patented technology to help users track calories, set daily nutrition goals and sync each meal’s data to a mobile app.

Chipotle is focusing on safety with a new technology that can remove pathogen sources from the air. The new system purifies the air using a patented “Photohydroionization” technique that pulls airborn and surface bacteria from the area. The restaurant chain is hoping to bounce back after a string of foodborne illness outbreaks in a number of its stores back in 2015, making safety a top priority since then. 

Leave it to Starbucks to capitalize on the nation’s favorite sweet treat.  The multi-million dollar company has stretched the limitations of patent design and turned their own unique looking piece of chocolate into protected intellectual property.  The Starbucks Confection Chocolate Design patent is just another step to help distinguish the brand from its competition.

Have you noticed any new or unique patents or products?  Share with us in the comments.