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The Sky’s the Limit for These Airplane Patents

As amazing as they are, it’s no secret that airplanes are uncomfortable.  While luxury airlines like Etihad and Emirates offer comfortable suites with double beds and flat-screen TVs, most will be traveling the holidays in regular coach. However, companies like Airbus and Boeing are continually looking for new and innovative ways to make flying both more comfortable and efficient.  Here’s a look at how:

Recently, Airbus filed a patent for an “Ultra-rapid air vehicle and related method for aerial locomotion” that would significantly cut down on travel time.  The jet, with a unique design and three different engine types, is designed to reach speeds of more than 3,000 mph.  Imagine being able to make it all the way across the Atlantic in just under an hour.

At the same time, Boeing has big plans to help passengers relax and catch up on some sleep while flying with its “transport vehicle upright sleep support system.” Designed to help solve the problem of restless air travel, these “cuddle chairs” are designed to look like a backpack, stored under the seat and equipped with a head and chest cushion.  At any point, passengers can retrieve the pack, strap it to the back of their chair and rest comfortably on the cushions in front of them.

As far as seating goes, Zodiac Seats, a major industry supplier, has created a new arrangement for airplane cabins.  Named the “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon,” this design places seats in a “honeycomb-like structure,” allegedly providing passengers with four additional inches in leg room and 15% more space in between seats.  Though awkward in its arrangement, the new design is Zodiac’s best attempt at maximizing cabin-space while still keeping passengers relatively comfortable in their seats.

What would you do to make flying more comfortable and efficient? Share with us in the comments!