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Ecocapsule Brings Innovation Home

Slovakian Architecture studio, Nice Architects, is bringing innovative housing to the forefront with its latest compact creation called the Ecocapsule. This tiny, unique living space is designed to take residents completely off-grid by generating 100% of its own clean energy, all while still providing the basic comforts of home.

Spanning just 86 square feet of interior space, these portable little pods have it all: Bathroom with toilet and hot-water shower, kitchenette with running water, a cozy folding bed and a built-in multi-purpose workspace. It might sound a little tight, but the team over at Nice Architects claim that, “Each Ecocapsule comfortably houses two adults. Its efficient spatial layout allows you to enjoy the convenience of household facilities in off-grid conditions.”

Each Ecocapsule uses a combination of energy sources including: a 28 square foot layer of solar cells that line the roof, a 750W retractable wind turbine, and a battery with 9744 Wh capacity. Built-in water filters allow residents to utilize water from a number of different sources, and the unit’s distinctive egg shape further enhances its ability to collect rain water.

A prototype of the new living spaces was just recently unveiled in May at the 2015 Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria, along with the new products and ideas of thousands of other startups from all over the world. Interests in the Ecocapsule seem high, though orders won’t be accepted until later this year. The design team is also keeping the cost of these units under wraps until later in the year, but rumor has it that shipping alone could cost well over $2,000.

The architects behind the project hope that what they’ve created is, “Dwelling with the spirit of freedom…We are rethinking the old ways of creation and are integrating into our work knowledge from new fields as industrial design, technology, art, psychology, science, sociology and life itself. We combine beauty, functionality and humanity into one complex entity.” For more information, and to see what else these innovative architects are working on, click here.