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Spoiler Alert: Google’s New Patent Could Save TV

Television lovers of all kinds are getting excited about Google’s latest patent for a “system and method for processing content spoilers.” 
With the rising popularity of DVR and on-demand television, spoilers have become a real issue for fans of hit shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram have become makeshift discussion boards with fans gushing about what just happened during the latest episodes of their favorite shows, while those who are new to a series or behind in a season are left to filter through mid-season plot twists and finale cliff-hangers.
Google’s patent is set out to change this.  The new system would allow users to log their viewing preferences and keep track of how far along in a series they are, similar to Netflix.  It would then filter any surrounding content based on the entered criteria, though the patent remains unclear as to which sites the new tech would work with specifically.
The hope is that on sites like Facebook, for example, a user’s feed would automatically filter out or blur content that includes potential spoilers.  It would then issue a pop-up alert, giving the user the option to either reveal the content or keep it hidden.   
It’s a great system for those who like to jump into a series long after it’s aired, but Google would have to have it set up and plugged in to several outlets in order for it to work.