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Education, Innovation and the Future of Medicine

Medical schools across the country are working innovation into their curriculum, creating new real-life experiences for their doctors-in-training.

Arizona’s Mayo Medical School located in Scottsdale is just one school working to change the traditional methods of medical training by offering new courses that incorporate technology and the humanities. The school even offers a new field of study called the Science of Health Care Delivery, which combines science and administrative data to evaluate and improve upon the quality and safety of patient care. Mayo Clinic CEO John Noseworthy told the Arizona Republic that the organization is “trying to build physicians who understand how to design a higher value health-care system.”

New York University School of Medicine is also taking a new approach to health care education by incorporating a class focused on tracking hospital admissions and charges throughout the state. The school’s associate dean for educational informatics told the Wall Street Journal that, “This isn’t a textbook exercise. This is real life and students love it.” It’s a fantastic way for med students to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of healthcare administration and to understand how that contributes to overall patient care.

In other areas, students are the ones who are taking the lead to incorporate new ways of studying medicine. Take Nick Cozzi, for example, who set out to form a partnership between the business and medical colleges at Central Michigan University. Now an official student organization, Business in Medicine offers the school’s current med students a chance to learn and discuss how to handle things like student loans and investments as they relate to their particular field of study. Cozzi told CMU that, “There’s an old adage that says, ‘healing is an art, medicine is a vocation, and healthcare is a business…’ The real challenge for physicians of tomorrow, like myself and my colleagues are, how do we integrate that?”

These are just a few of the ways education and medicine are changing. To find out more, click here.