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Tesla Patents Still Open, New Model D

Back in June, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a new open source strategy for the company, offering to share its technology and patents with any interested parties. While several were skeptical of the initial announcement, Musk insisted that it would be good for the market and that people all over the world could “benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform.”
Now, companies seem to finally be taking Musk up on his offer, showing an interest in the 200 patents he opened up.  In a recent interview, the CEO told USA Today that the company has “had a number of inquiries from other car companies and we’ve told them to go ahead and use them… I’m glad they are getting serious about electric cars.” 
Though Musk never mentioned specific names of those interested in the Tesla technology, BMW and Nissan are rumored to have approached the CEO.  As Tesla continues to grow and build innovative new cars of its own, it’s expected that even more companies will at least consider what Musk has to offer. 
Just last week, Tesla revealed its latest model, the “D”, featuring a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive, and increased driving range. Similar in appearance to the earlier Model S, the new vehicle also features a unique autopilot setting that can assist drivers that need to take their hands off the wheel for a short period. 
The Model D stands apart with its all-wheel-drive and increased motor capabilities, though Musk recently announced that after some adjustments on the assembly line, all new Model S vehicles will also come equipped with the autopilot setting.  It’s an upsetting announcement to those who purchased the model early, but prospective customers are getting a good deal. 

The new model does sit a little on the pricey side right now, but it’s definitely an upgrade.