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IBM’s New Patent Can Help Protect You from Fraud

IBM’s recent patent for a “user-browser interaction-based fraud detection system” could help keep your identity safe, particularly when it comes to log-in credentials and other sensitive information like online banking.

The technology is designed to track patterns in a user’s online behavior, noting how each individual interacts with a particular website, from navigation techniques to areas with the most clicks.  Any changes detected in these behaviors, such as using arrow keys to navigate instead of a mouse, could trigger a security question or some other back-up authentication method. 

Mobile app developers, cloud storage providers and web site operators can all benefit, as the technology would make it much easier for these groups to detect and deal with threats of fraud.  IBM Master Inventor and co-inventor on the patent, Keith Walker, states that, “Our invention improves the effectiveness of authentication and security systems with insights derived from real-time data analytics.”

Even the slightest change detected, like switching from left to right hand or accessing a site through a tablet instead of a computer, could cause an authentication notice to pop-up.   Walker claims that, “Our experience developing and testing a prototype, which flawlessly confirmed identities, shows that such a change would more likely be due to fraud, and we all want these sites to provide more protection while simultaneously processing our transactions quickly.”

This patent is just a part of the new software and services announced earlier this year that IBM is using to help address the $3.5 trillion lost each year to fraud and financial crimes. For more information on IBM’s counter fraud initiative, click here.