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Tech Patent Update: Smartphones and Smartwatches

People are buzzing about Amazon’s plans to launch a new mystery device on Wednesday the 18th, after the recent release of a short video that shows only how people are reacting to it. Some are hoping that the company will finally reveal its highly anticipated 3D smartphone, which has allegedly been in the works for the last year.  Rumored to come equipped with multiple cameras, gesture control and a 3D display, this phone has everyone talking.  Those interested in taking part in the launch of this month’s mystery device w/ Amazon founder Jeff Bezos are required to submit a request to attend with a brief explanation of why they want to be a part of the event.

Meanwhile, Apple has also been hard at work on a future mobile device featuring solar-powered display capabilities. The company was recently granted a patent covering “solar panel integration in portable devices,” with the goal of improving device display visibility and giving battery life a boost. While we won’t likely see a completely solar-powered device any time soon, this technology could serve as a great back up power source for the next iPhone model.

In the world of wearable tech, Samsung has filed for a new group of patents related to a gesture control smartwatch.  The device is rumored to feature a number of applications, each triggered by a particular hand gesture, and a touch screen that would display the time when at rest.  The device may even feature additional sensors capable of detecting a user’s heart rate, all packed into a small and fashionable circular face.

Microsoft has also been working on its own version of the smartwatch equipped with voice control and a removable “personal information system,” which can be synced with a user’s external computer or mobile device. Capable of serving as a phone, music player, messaging system, GPS navigator and fitness tracker, this smartwatch  would also be capable of receiving, storing and transmitting data between multiple devices.

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