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Adam Carolla Fights Patent Troll to Save Podcasts

Adam Carolla, best known for his work on The Man Show and The Adam Carolla Show, is suiting up to join the war against patent trolls.

The comedian is being sued by non-practicing entity Personal Audio LLC for apparently infringing on a patent covering a “system for disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence.” Carolla’s podcast network ACE Broadcasting is just one of several organizations being targetedin relation to this particular patent, but he’s decided to fight back.

Despite Personal Audio’s alleged efforts to settle out of court for $3 million, Carolla has decided to take the battle public. Crowdfunding is just one of the ways he’s opened up his campaign, asking supporters to donate to his “Save Our Podcasts Legal Defense Fund” via his FundAnything page in exchange for t-shirts, signed hats and the opportunity to “Become a troll fighter today!”

With over $220,000 already raised, Carolla continues to rally support with appearances on shows like Howard Stern and a recent performance in Redondo Beach to benefit the legal defense of podcasting.

Carolla may only be one among many of Personal Audio’s latest pursuits, but his requests for community involvement are helping to shed a light on how patent trolls operate and the real problems that they can cause. In a recent update on his campaign, Carolla addresses his supporters:

“Hey troll-killing kiddies,

Stellar work you’ve been doing so far spreading the word and contributing to the legal defense fund to fight the patent troll trying to destroy podcasting. There have been 3500+ contributions so far. Some big, some small. All appreciated. Keep it going…”

Meanwhile, Personal Audio has continued to go after other podcasters (including “nerdist” comedian Chris Hardwick) and has even filed suits against some big companies like NBC, CBS and Not only that, but the NPE has sent licensing demands to a number of other podcasters, threatening them with future law suits if they don’t pay up.

For more information on Adam Carolla’s fight against patent trolls, or to donate to the cause, click here.