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Google Glass: Hand Gestures and Prescription Frames

Google Glass is continuing to push the envelope with new technologies that seem to be straight from the movies. Recent patents have given the organization exclusive rights to its “wearable head mounted display” with futuristic additions that make the device more intelligent and user friendly than ever before.

One such development allows users to “like” different people, places and things by making a heart-shaped hand gesture. Using a built-in camera, the device would analyze the content within the heart-shaped frame, and indicate that the user “likes” it via social media.

Another gesture includes framing a view using both hands to form two L shapes, creating a square. Glass would then snap a picture of the image enclosed in the frame, or possibly even a video.

As it stands now, Glass is still using swipe and touchpad controls, though it strives to be completely hands free. These gesture-based patents could be what Google needs to smooth out the overall user experience.

While there’s still no way to know what the final product will look like, some of the company’s patents help to give us a better idea. One such patent discusses the possibilities for users that wear prescription frames.

Project leader, Babak Parviz, stated that “In the next few months we will release a version that will integrate into glasses, so if you are wearing glasses, you’d be able to use this.”Parviz has also hinted at the possibility of incorporating Glass technology in contact lenses, though it would certainly be a while before that ever happened.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how the Glass technology develops and comes to market. Maybe we’ll “like” it, and maybe we won’t.