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Cool Planet and Concord Energy Team Up to Improve Agriculture

Leading energy systems developer Cool Planet recently announced the launch of its newest Biochar Soil amendment, Cool Terra, for commercial agricultural trials. The company’s small scale bio refineries for the conversion of non-food biomass into biofuels and soil enhancing biochar have made dramatic strides towards the goal of eliminating dependence on foreign oil and carbon dioxide emissions.

Currently, the patented process involves converting “non-food biomass into gasoline through mechanical and chemical processes. [This process], known as the carbon negative fuel cycle creates drop-in gasoline and can be used in any vehicle on the road today.” However, the same process also creates biochar – a solid, inert carbon perfect for use as a soil enhancer.

With the help of investors like BP, Google Ventures, and GE this company aims to put products on the market by 2014 and has no plans to stop expanding anytime soon. In fact, Cool Planet announced last month that the company will work with Concord Energy in a joint-venture over in the Asian Pacific.

Together, the two will work to develop commercial facilities in which the conversion of non-food biomass into biofuels and production of soil enhancing biochar can take place. The Cool Planet processes and the Concord Energy technology, together with some of the top biochar researchers in the world, are expected to make a strong environmental impact.

Of the venture, Concord CEO John Stuart said, “We believe that Cool Planet has developed a unique technology that will revolutionize the production of biofuels, and we are delighted that Cool Planet has chosen Concord Energy as its partner.” Cool Planet returned the compliment, making note of Concord’s exceptional trade experience and strong technological abilities.

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