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These Patents are Battling Bad Breath One Mouth at a Time

Bad breath got you down? Just in case popping a tic-tac is too much, here are a few patented alternative methods to eliminate bad breath:

US Patent 7413550 was issued for a Visual Indicating Device for Bad Breath in August of 2008. This oddly scientific invention consists of a visual indicating agent inserted into a tube. Blow into the tube and check to see if the agent changes color. If so, you may want to consider popping a breath mint or two.

If you don’t need a test kit to tell you your breath stinks, having a Breath Ace Tongue Cleaner handy might save the day. Approved by the FDA with a patented design, this device can be lightly scraped over the tongue to remove tongue plaque containing food and bacterial residue and other foul smelling debris.

Another bad-breath-buster soon to be hitting the market is Wrigley’s mouthwash compound-based gum. In a recently filed patent application, the company details the use of a combination of zinc salt and isothiocyanate in a piece of chewing gum to combat sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath.

These compounds previously thought to be too unpleasant to add to gum are now being tested and showing no signs of bitterness or “off-flavor.” Now the company, which has faced several law suits in the past for its products claims to fix bad breath problems, may have an actually effective formula on the way.

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