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larklife Fitness Band Aims to Inspire Healthy Living

You may have seen the new trend of fitness bands in the form of the Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP or Fitbit Flex, but a new company has recently entered the market. larklife, originally designed to measure and improve a person’s quality of sleep, now offers a daytime version for tracking fitness.

Available in a noticeably bright blue color, this $150 stiff rubber wrist band is designed to track activity throughout the day and monitor snacks and meals in order to promote a healthier lifestyle for its users. Just set the band around your wrist to count footsteps and activity levels throughout the day. Then, pop the sensor out of the day band and transfer it into the softer, more flexible night version in order to track your sleep patterns.

larklife connects via Bluetooth to an iOS app that can be pulled up on a person’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Throughout the day, users may even receive alerts from the product via their iPhone or other device informing them of their progress, step count or offering helpful diet and exercise tips.

While it’s got some cool functions, like the sleep band’s built-in silent vibrating alarm, that are unique to the larklife brand, some have criticized the band’s ability to track only a limited amount diet information. When recording meals, the user must select from a small selection of broad categories, like “wheat” or “protein,” and though the app allows a user to receive healthy eating tips, it doesn’t keep track of calories consumed.

Though some find the larklife band lacking in other areas, like comfort and style, lark technologies is enthusiastic in its attempt at encouraging healthy lifestyles. The company urges consumers to “Go for it. Whatever your ‘it’ may be,” and hopes to help others improve their overall life and wellness.

Julia Hu, CEO of Lark, states that “larklife recommends small, achievable improvements in [people’s] nutrition, activity and sleep. larklife was the logical next step for lark as we move towards our goal of better health for all with smarter technology.”