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Apple Update: Mighty Mouse and Passbook’s Patent Violation

Whether it’s dealing with lawsuits, putting new patents into action or simply pushing the limits of innovation and design, Apple is constantly in motion. Here’s a quick look at some of the tech giant’s most recent endeavors:

The company was recently awarded patent No. 8,279,176 for a “Mouse with improved input mechanism using touch sensors,” a continuation of the 2005 patent for an Apple Mouse. Nicknamed the Mighty Mouse, this device features no mechanical buttons or breaks in the top casing that might take away from aesthetics and is instead designed in unibody style.

The unibody style of the upper mouse piece generates a “touch signal” prior to the “button event” signal dependent upon where a user’s finger is located on the mouse. For example, if a user’s finger generates a touch signal on the right side of the mouse, a button event signal may be generated with a light tap simulating a “right click” on a conventional mouse. Pressure-sensitive “side wings” may also be included to pull up a user’s dashboard or menu when pressed.

Aside from its most recent battle with Samsung over the iPhone 5, Apple is in the middle of another lawsuit, this one over charges from Ameranth. The software developer claims that Apple’s Passbook application, which allows users to download and store “airline boarding passes, hotel reservations, movie tickets, and event tickets” is in direct violation of four of Ameranth’s U.S. patents. Ameranth will look to receive triple the amount of damages that it claims to have sustained as a result of the infringement.

Apple is also looking to technologies that will vastly improve device camera features, aiming to better a picture’s overallcomposition and eliminate red eye completely. Patent application No. 20120242852 and No. 20120242849 describe different gesture techniques used to set parameters for various image filters and apply “locatation-based distortions” to image processing.

We’re always excited to see new technology hitting the market. Have a favorite Apple invention? Share it with us here in our comments section, and be sure to check back for other interesting patent-related headlines.