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Snow Doubt about It…These Patents are Crazy

Now that winter is here, it might be fun to review some of the snow-inspired patents that our great country has been blessed with over the years. Whether you live where snow is plentiful or mostly absent, these patents are sure to spark your interest.

The Sno Moto A standing snow mobile that nestles right between a persons legs. A gas-powered motor wrapped in a mini-bulldozer track attaches to the back of a pair of skis, and powers a person through the snow. All you have to do is hold on to the handles and straddle those poles!

Snowboard Bumper Learning to snowboard isnt easy. This strange contraption is worn as a vest, and consists of a large hoop that encircles the snowboarder. Start to lose your balance and the protective ring keeps you upright enough to reset. You might look a little strange wearing this unique device, but it can supposedly save you from a few bumps and bruises. Is it worth it? You decide.

Instant Snowman Perfect for climates that dont get much snow, this creation consists of a system of coils that radiate cold air, causing the hot air around them to condense into the shape of a snowman. Interesting enough, but its probably just as well to get an inflatable for the holiday season.

Nose Wipe Originally patented for skiers, this tissue-holder attaches to the lower arm of the person and has a retractable cover. It can, however, be adapted and placed on the wrist of the user. The idea is that it can expose the wiper to the person without it actually having to be removed from the holder.

Footwear with mountain goat traction elements This shoe is designed to emulate a mountain goat hoof with a sole ringed with hard lugs and a center of soft pods. The pods touch the ground first and compress under pressure, absorbing the initial impact and increasing the area of contact. This gives the shoe more traction on smooth surfaces. When the lugs make contact, better traction is gained on irregular surfaces. This snow inspired patent was gained by one of Nikes own.