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Keep Warm this Winter with These Unusual Patents

Winters here and everybodys looking for ways to keep warm. You could curl up under a blanket, wrap up in multiple layers, or you could give one of these unique patents a try

Camp Comfort Its never too cold to go camping, especially when youve got this handy device with you. This mattress has rubber tubing running through its foam padding and is hooked up to an enclosed water container. Folding reflectors in the container channel heat straight to your bed as a small pump system keeps hot water circulating all through the night.

Knee Pad Earmuffs Initially designed for crawling toddlers, this product is useful in two ways. Maybe youve got a winter volleyball league or a child that hasnt quite gotten the hang of walking yet. These knee pads can easily be turned into warm and snuggly ear muffs.

Trash burner Barbeque Pit Consisting of a fire grate and a barbeque grate, this combination has one level for cooking food and a separate grate for charcoal and trash. Now you can keep warm in the backyard while cooking up some hot dogs and a nice big pile of garbage. The inventor says that it provides a pleasing sight when placed in ones backyard of the like.

Heated Eyewear- Warm and uniquely stylish, these glasses contain a heating element that is battery operated and can be controlled automatically or manually. Theyre especially convenient in the prevention of snow, ice, or fog that may accumulate on other normal eyewear, and even groovier looking than your average pair of glasses.

Whether you prefer camping, burning trash, or sliding around on your knees, theres an invention for it. Keep warm this winter with these unusual patents, and youll be the talk of the town.