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These Patents are Breaking Bad Habits

Were only human, so naturally were bound to have a few bad habits here and there. In most cases, it takes a great deal of time and will-power to permanently change our ways, that is, unless you want to go another route with one of these strange inventions

Not wearing your headgear? There’s a quick fix for that. An orthodontic alarm is implanted in a persons braces, programmed to beep for a sufficient amount of time. When the headgears mouthpiece is inserted, it sends an electric signal for the alarm to cease. The hope is that patients will prefer to wear the headgear rather than endure a constant beeping noise.

If you are or ever were a thumb-sucker, you may appreciate this one. The Thumb Sucking Inhibitor is specifically designed with a steel girder and metal support beams which attach to the digit. This thick metal casing with bracelet can be used on any finger, and the taste of metal will surely keep that thumb far from your mouth.

Next time you get the urge to light-up, consider switching to cheese-flavored cigarettes. A little parmesan grated and mixed with charcoal must make a great tasting filter, though the Surgeon General has determined that its still bad for your health.

Those of us who tend to overeat from time to time may be able to benefit from this: The Hand near Mouth Alarm. It looks like a wristwatch and acts as your dietician, incorporating a sensor which triggers an alarm any time it nears the mouth- Just a friendly reminder not to eat that donut, drink that milkshake, or even pick that nose.