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Patents Passed on Your Birthday – A USPTO Calendar of Events

Do you ever wonder what happened in the IP world on your birthday? The USPTO has a fun website in their Kids Pages that will let you know just that. This calendar of famous, and not-so-famous, patents will give you some insight as to what was happening on your big day!

Here are some examples of patents and trademarks registered on my own family members birthdays:

March 5: George Westinghouse, JR. patented the steam air brake in 1872

March 19: Phineas Quimby issued a patent in 1850 for a steering machine

November 11: NABISCO trademark registered in 1901

December 14: TILT-A-WHIRL trademark registered in 1926

What happened on your birthday? If thats not satisfying enough, try looking up the birthdays of your friends, relatives, or even co-workers. It’s a great conversation starter, and everyone willget a kick out of hearing what makes their day even more special!

Check out the following website for 12 months and hundreds of years worth of inventions.