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Data Storage Patent Linked to Bloody Apparatus

Six Degrees of the Floppy Disk

As we all may have noticed at some point there is a list of references cited adorning the face of every US patent. Utilizing these lists of references cited, patents can be connected to other patents through the references cited on their own face, as well as the instances where the patent is cited on a subsequent patents face. By connecting patents in this manner a network begins to form and begs the question: How many steps would it take to connect any patent with any other patent?

So, starting with any patent where would we find ourselves after 6 steps through the references cited network? Today we reminisce in patent network with a classic memory, the floppy disk.

Start:US 3,678,481 A, a flexible magnetic data storage disk

First Degree:US 4,826,019 A, a handling apparatus for magnetic recording disks

Second Degree: US 5,998,751 A, an system for sorting computer chips

Third Degree:US 5,470,427 A, an automated printer for labeling mail trays

Fourth Degree:US 7,783,571 B2, an ATM system for receiving cash deposits in foreign transactions

Fifth Degree:US 6,027,216 A, an apparatus for assessing the direction of fixation of an eye

Sixth Degree:US 6,834,202 B2, a blood flow measuring apparatus

So there you have it, in 6 steps you can connect outdated data storage mediums with new ways to measure a patients blood flow. While this journey represents one connection path for the floppy disk patent, feel free to follow your own path of patent connection intrigue and share it in the comments section below. Have a suggestion for an inventor or invention you would like to see in the Six Degrees post? Share that in the comments too!

– J.K.