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Blog Patents – Assessing Author Authority

Since you are reading a blog, we thought that a set of patents discussing blogs might beinteresting to you. Here is one that discusses article influence.

US7747630 B2

Assessing author authority and blog influence


Abstract: A facility for determining article influence and author authority based upon cites of the author’s articles by other authors is described. Authors post new articles to their blog covering one or more memes, which describe the content of the article. The facility determines other web pages that share the same memes as the articles to form a context set, and then identifies those authors, called stakeholders, that commonly cite posts from web pages within the context set. Stakeholders are those with some knowledge about a particular topic that also write articles on the topic. Articles cited by stakeholders are considered more influential than those that are not cited, and a frequently cited author will have more authority for a given meme than one who is largely ignored, as indicated by receiving few article citations.

– J. A.