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Nokia Wins Patent Infringement Judgment

The following was forwarded to me from TakagawaU16 on twitter:

RT @cellularnews: Nokia Wins Appeal Over $16 Billion Patent Lawsuit (

There continues to be significant IP litigation activity within the telecom space. The question is “who benefits from these suits”? Clearly, patent protection is the at the foundation for innovation. Further, the right to challenge – and defend – patent infringement is also an important part of a solid patent system. It validates the process, while also testing it. Patent lawyers are necessary to help orchestrate the process. Solid patent research also helps tremendously in the process by providing the evidence of an airtight patent – or – by providing the insight regarding the “opening” afforded by a not-so-airtight patent. But I have to admit I sometimes shake my head about the effort expended. Is this truly all just part of the cost of innovation? Or have we simply added costs to the innovation process unnecessarily?