Research Services


GPS Patentability Search

Assists you in drafting stronger patents for your clients.

This search is used prior to filing a patent to see what inventions are similar so you can best assist your clients.

GPS Bullseye Search

Quickly obtain readily available patent prior art to determine if a more exhaustive search is needed.

This targeted search focuses on the two largest patent collections. Organizations often use this narrow approach to evaluate large volumes of invention disclosures, particularly where the inventor is already familiar with the non-patent literature.

GPS Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Search

Help your clients avoid unintentional infringement.

Protect your clients from unintentional infringement with this search, also known as Clearance. This search focuses on claims that are broad enough to pose an infringement risk for a defined product or process. Elements of the invention are considered separately and in combination with each other.

GPS Search Update

Ensure you’re clients stay up to date with recent patent publications.

New inventions are publicly disclosed and patented daily. If a project has had significant changes or was delayed for months or even a few years, it may be prudent to update an earlier search to ensure you and your clients have an up to date understanding of the patents related to your clients projects or their competitors overall.

GPS Patent Alert

Stay apprised of the latest in your clients patent world so you can effectively assist them.

Monitoring weekly patents and publications allows organizations to keep tabs on the most recent developments. The emailed alerts are convenient and cost effective.

GPS Targeted Invalidity Search

Save time and resources by segmenting the search to determine if additional more in-depth searching is needed.

The patent analyst considers all claims when developing a search strategy and evaluating the prior art; the objective is to find close prior art as expediently as possible. This allows clients to “peek behind the curtain” without committing to a more comprehensive invalidity search. This targeted approach makes sense for patents that have not yet been exhaustively searched (such as in litigation, administrative review, and large patent families). This type of a search can also provide insight into the value of a patent as well as a possible licensing opportunity.

GPS Deep-Dive Invalidity Search

Find the needle in the haystack if previous targeted searching has been completed.

This search is based upon a critical effective filing date and is used to determine if specific claims of a patent are valid. This is an extremely comprehensive search including, U.S. Patents, U.S. Published Applications, Foreign Patents, Foreign Publications, International (PCT/WO) Publications, Non-Patent Literature and Prosecution History. This is most definitely the search you want when it is absolutely critical that you thoroughly scour for invalidating prior art. This search is appropriate for Inter Partes Review (IPR), Post Grant Review (PGR), and litigation activities.

Due Diligence Validity Searching

Obtain relevant data so that you can defend your IP with confidence.

GPS can quickly and affordably provide you with the data and analyses to help you and your clientl ascertain the strength of your patent and the likelihood of it upholding in the face of invalidity counter challenges. Doing this upfront homework ensures you put your best foot forward when asserting your patent rights.

Technology & Market Landscapes Research Reports

Gain a broader understanding around your client’s competition, a technology overview or a determination of white space to enable you to guide your clients IP decisions.

  • State-of-the-Art – Obtain a snapshot of the industry, to properly position your new IP
  • Whitespace Identification – Uncover previously untapped and unclaimed opportunities
  • Trend identification – Understand market movements influencing future investments
  • GPS Competitor Landscape Research Reports – Unearth the technology strategies of market peers.

GPS can provide clarity on the patent activity and direction of market competitors.

Customized Search Services

GPS can customize any Services around an organization’s objectives and parameters. The parameters of any of the above searches can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Likewise, if you don’t see what you need, please let us know. We thrive on creating custom-tailored projects that deliver exactly what you need.