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New Series of “Webinarettes” on IP Management

Brief “Webinarettes” focused on Optimizing Your IP

You don’t have time to sit through an hour-long Webinar very often.  However, you do have 20 minutes to re-focus your energy on those activities that will optimize your intellectual property (IP) management.  Global Patent Solutions is launching a series of very brief “Webinarettes” (think coffee breaks) to discuss best practices for managing intellectual property.  We will hold each session to no more than 20-25 minutes, and each will focus on specific aspects of the IP Lifecycle.  If you’ve worked with us before, you probably realize we portray the IP Lifecycle through the following diagram:

Portrayal of the IP Lifecycle

Content of the Webinarettes

The series starts with a session that reminds us how to properly prioritize and focus on the IP activities that will create the most value.  In subsequent sessions, we then work our way through best practices within each of the individual components of the IP Lifecycle. Each Webinarette can standalone, and each will provide best practices that can be put immediately to use.  In its entirety, the series provides a roadmap for effectively managing the entirety of the lifecycle.

Who Can Benefit

The information is targeted primarily for individuals at companies that are wanting to ensure they get the most value from their intellectual property.  Those companies may presently not have any patents.  Others may have hundreds or even thousands of patents.  Regardless, the core principals remain the same when it comes to optimizing the value of your IP.  Outside Counsel that support those companies may also find the sessions a refreshing reminder of the drivers of value for their customers.

Next Session

Join us for our next session in the series.  There’s no sales pitch.  There’s no product demo.  We’re just sharing learnings we’ve attained by working with our clients in this space.  (We learned long ago that we can learn great things just from listening to them.  We figured we would pass some of those learnings along.)

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