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How Patent Agents Can Use GPS to Increase Time & Accuracy

As a patent professional, you may have many clients that you’re working with on a consistent basis. These inventors and entrepreneurs may be of varying skill and experience levels, and in order to ensure the best outcome for their product idea, you’ll need to rely on background research. An external patent search firm can help you and your clients save time and get the patent process done right the first time.

Why Trust GPS

Global Patent Solutions is an external patent search firm that specializes in prior art searches. Our firm has worked with hundreds of patent professionals, including research and development teams, attorneys, inventors and agents. We have the USPTO as a client and regularly pass quarterly security audits from them, ensuring the highest standard of trust and security for you. Other patent companies may not have the industry backing that we do, making it easy for you to know who you can trust with confidential information. Our professionals have experience in a variety of patent subject expertises and have backgrounds in the patent field, verified by solid attendant degrees and proprietary internal training.

What We Can Do for You

Often the first step of the patent process is to conduct a prior art search, but not all inventors may do so thoroughly or know where to turn to get the job done right. Our prior art searches can ensure that there is no prior art on their idea before starting the patent application process with you. This saves you and your client time, as a patent rejection from the USPTO due to mistakes only holds up the process.

We also know that for you, time is of the essence. Patent approvals can take up to two years and the patent application process is long and tedious itself. We take care of labor-intensive research, and our prior art searches can advise you and your client on the proper direction for the application’s phrasing. Understanding the nuances of a client’s idea is the key to a successful patent application, and our prior art search can help you get a leg up. The clearer you are on the idea’s scope, the clearer the application will be and the more time will be saved.

Writing a patent application is a fine art, and once it is written and submitted, changes cannot be resubmitted, unless there is a rejection. We know that for you, this means that applications must be done properly the first time in order to reduce the likelihood of a rejection and increase targeted, helpful feedback from your patent examiner.

Call Us for Help Researching Your Idea

Global Patent Solutions is looking forward to working with you as a team to achieve the best patent application submission for your client. In addition to providing the best for them, we can make your job easier as well, by providing research support around your client’s idea. To start a partnership today, give us a call.