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The Benefits of Early Stage Investigation for Patents

If you have an idea for a new invention, your next instinct is probably to start developing, testing, and refining the product. You may be someone who thinks ahead and has already started to embark on preliminary patent procedures, such as talking with a patent agent or even working on filing a provisional patent application. However, if you haven’t yet done effective patent research, all of that effort–from the fee you paid for the provisional application to the time you spent in product development–could be for nothing. As we say here at Global Patent Solutions, decisions are only as good as the data upon which they rely®.

Early stage investigation can be an essential part of your pre-patent process. Not only does it help you to properly frame your patent application and determine patentability, but it also can help you as you develop your product, so that as you shape its function and application, you know that you’re contributing truly unique art and truly useful utility to the industry.

The Odds that Your Invention Is Entirely Unique Are Slim

This might be hard to hear when you know that your idea was completely your own. However, it’s true: the chances of your idea being completely different from anything already in existence are small. There are millions of patents in operation in the US alone, along with millions more which have lapsed, are not being used for production, or are held by people overseas. In order to patent something, you must be able to show that it is useful, non-obvious, and perhaps most important (and difficult): novel.

Early stage investigation helps you effectively position your invention as you work on developing it. When you understand the patent landscape, you can steer your design and development activities to avoid future patent problems and maximize the value of what you create.

Early Research Helps You Develop a Smarter Product

Early stage investigation can help you modify and frame your invention, and your patent application, so that you stand out amongst comparisons and create a unique and valuable space for yourself. Sometimes, inventors even commission a state-of-the-art patent search in order to get a overall view of the industry and identify problems that inspire a patentable solution.

Thorough, reliable, and experienced patent search can help you:

  • Optimize value
  • Develop a unique product
  • Identify which aspects are and aren’t patentable
  • Avoid potential pitfalls or infringement issues
  • Do a better job of estimating the value of a patent

Contact Us for Early Stage Investigation

Here at Global Patent Solutions, we’ve helped thousands of inventors, researchers, and developers just like yourself better refine their ideas. Our expert search experience can give you the information you need to develop your business, make wise decisions about investment strategy, and produce a truly novel and valuable product. Contact us to set up an early stage investigation for your upcoming patent project.