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The Value of Affordable, High Quality Patent Search

Whether you’re a lawyer, inventor, researcher or business leader looking to minimize risk, patent search is a valuable endeavor that helps demystify intellectual property ownership. Knowing who owns what and where holes exist for new inventions is essential for those interested in capitalizing on patent data. Here are ways that Global Patent Solutions (GPS) can help you through this complex process.

Why Patent Search Is Complicated

The 10 millionth patent in the United States was awarded on June 19, 2018 to Joseph Marron for an improvement on military laser technology, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. So you can imagine why you need an expert who is well versed at patent search to confirm the validity of a new invention. This work can be exhaustive even for trained individuals, which is why many inventors hire professional help for patent search.

Global Patent Solutions hires search analysts who have advanced degrees and have been trained to use special search techniques in their specific fields. In addition to providing high quality service, GPS also makes costs predictable and affordable. You have a choice of a fixed fee or a two-step estimate and approval process. Considering the time involved and the volume of data to go through, patent research with other firms can become expensive, with added costs and delays. The time factor can be critical to your case, which is why GPS meets fast turnaround deadlines.

Preparing for a Patent Case

Prior to introducing litigation in a patent case, you can use GPS services such as Head-Start and Fixed Fee Validity Searches to assess your case and plan a legal strategy. Head-Start gives you preliminary information quickly that can help shape your case. It could save you thousands of dollars, as well as help you determine the strength of your claims. These services can also help you pinpoint patent infringement and licensing opportunities.

By working with a reputable third party search firm such as Global Patent Solutions that does not outsource work to low paid offshore non-employees, you will command a higher level of objectivity and confidentiality. You will also have access to multiple free services and advice that can provide a deeper level of understanding about patents and the specific invention you need to research. It can help inventors rethink their products if information turns up that their prototype is too similar to an existing patent.

The key to any patent case is how well an attorney is prepared to show knowledge of a particular patent and its variants, based on the type of data that Global Patent Solutions provides. Using this comprehensive service will give you a thorough history of the patent and help clarify uncertainties surrounding its status.


Winning a patent case is all about doing the proper research and then making strategic decisions. Contact us at Global Patent Solutions to learn more about how you can strengthen protection for your intellectual property or defend against accusations of infringement. Let us help guide you toward more efficient methods for patent search.