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U.S. Army Promoting Innovation & Patents

The Natick Soldier Systems Center has long been the innovative hub of the Army, providing soldiers with the latest equipment, technology, and support systems they need to thrive both on and off the battlefield.  The organization’s mission is short and sweet: “One Team advancing innovative technology for Today and Tomorrow.” Senior Mission Commander Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Todd III currently leads that team.

Hosted by the NSSC is the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development Engineering Center, a facility comprised of researchers, engineers and general experts in “Soldier systems research and development.” The NSRDEC has helped to develop some of the leading warfighter technology, including its most recent patent for a harness that better protects a soldier’s groin area from shrapnel and other debris.

This unique, multi-layered Kevlar harness can be worn over pants to help shield the groin and safeguard the femoral arteries and is designed to offer protection without hindering movement.  Not only could this equipment save lives, but it also has the potential to save soldiers from the discomfort and (sometimes) multiple surgeries that result after an injury of that nature.

Researchers at the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center have also designed a self-destructing bullet, or “limited range projectile,” in an effort to reduce a soldier’s risk of hitting civilians and other innocent bystanders.  Comprised of a pyrotechnic material, these innovative bullets are designed to become “aerodynamically unstable” after reaching a “maximum desired range” without hitting a target.

Through its many research laboratories, development and engineering centers and dozens of other organizations, the Army continues to seek innovation from all aspects, partnering with civilians, small businesses and more to further strengthen and develop its technology.  In August, the Army held its third innovation summit, where military personnel, academics and industry leaders gathered together to discuss the Army’s “material enterprise…as part of a long-term Innovation Campaign Plan focused on far term Army modernization.”

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