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Catch Some Zzzs with These Innovative Tech Gadgets

With the holidays coming to an end, it’s time to rest up and restore your mind and body for the new year up ahead.  There are tons of great new tech gadgets out there to make sure you’re getting the right quantity and quality of sleep.  Here are just a few:
For just under a hundred dollars, the Fitbit is a simple step and sleep tracker that’s perfect for anyone new to the wearable (fitness) tech world.  With a variety of different styles of devices to choose from, you can set goals, track your activity and monitor your sleep patterns.  Find out how long you sleep each night and the number of times you toss and turn to help better correct your sleep habits. 
For those that hate the loud buzz of the alarm clock in the morning, the silent alarm clock by Lark is a welcome substitute.  Slap it on your wrist before turning in at night and rise in the morning to a gentle vibration.  Not only  will it wake you without a start, but this alarm clock can also track the quality of your sleep and help you develop a healthy routine to get even more rest throughout the night. 
Not a fan of the wearable sleep gadgets?  Check out the Aura by Withings.  This gadget comes with a sensor pad that slips right under your mattress to monitor sleep patterns via heart rate, body movement and breathing cycles.  It also comes with a bedside light and sound device that uses red and blue light spectrums  with soothing sounds to promote or inhibit the release of Melatonin – a hormone involved in the body’s circadian rhythm. 
Sleep is an important factor in overall health and well-being, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults get an average of 7-8 hours per night.  Using these innovative new gadgets, avoiding caffeine in the later hours, and setting a regular bed time are just a few easy ways to aid in getting a better night’s sleep.