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Nike Apparel Patent Could Improve Your Golf Game

Nike recently received a patent for a new type of sports apparel capable of correcting flaws in a golfer’s swing. Imagine a golf shirt that has the ability to do what a coach or trainer could do. The patent covering “articles of apparel providing enhanced body position feedback” does just

Made of a thin elastic material covering the lower back, the new clothing would also feature tighter material in key areas, helping to correct a golfer’s position and guide a perfect swing. The patent states that “A coach or trainer can greatly improve an athlete’s form or body positioning, which can result in improved athletic performances. For most people, however, a coach or trainer is not always available.”

While the aim is to improve a golfer’s performance, the new gear could also lower the risk of injury for athletes. The tighter fit supposedly increases muscle stimulation, while the thinner material covering the lower back helps to heighten sensation.

It is still unclear, though, whether or not U.S. Golf Association rules would allow such an item. Currently the association allows compression and posture garments to be worn during competition, but prohibits clothes designed to store and release energy.

Nike is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to sports performance, having obtained more than 650 patents since 2012. Unfortunately, not all patents become a reality, but that hasn’t stopped the company from trying.

The Nike Golf brand itself has filed about 70 sports-related patents this year, as the company continues its 9% sales growth since last year. Overall, Nike shares have advanced 22% this year.

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