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Pet Patents – Are These for Real?

You may think youve seen it all when it comes to patents for people, but what about when it comes to animals? The idea for a doggie doorbell or a bird diaper may have seemed like a practical idea at one time, but when passed for a patent, a lot of these inventions cant be taken seriously.

For Fish Lovers: The Aquarium Bath
This unique bathtub features a water-tight chamber that extends around the tub. Designed so that the bather is surrounded by aquatic life while taking a bath, this strange aquarium is not for the shy. Access to the water chamber of the aquarium portion of the tub is obtained through a cover in the ledge formed between one of the sidewalls and the bathing section. The tub also features a filter to aid in the healthy preservation of the plants, fish, etc.

For Those Who Love Dogs Hate Poop: Doggie Poop Freeze Wand
Poopsicle, anyone? An elongated hollow tube made of PVC and filled with a compressed freezing chemical, this device is aimed at the animal waste. When you push the operation button on one end, it forces the chemicals out towards the waste at the other end, which freeze and begin to breakdown the waste.

For Bird Owners: Bird Diaper
This one is exactly what it sounds like. A diaper that features apertures to accommodate both the wings and the tail of the bird. Elastic straps and hook and loop fastener components secure the diaper without restricting the birds movement. Not only is it made of spandex in order to absorb and prevent leaks, these diapers come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes.

For Those Who Wish They Could Walk Their Snake: Snake Collar Apparatus
It’s essentially a collar for your pet snake which enables thetethering and subsequent walking of a pet snake away from its enclosure. This gives the snake freedom to move about without being held in the physical hands of its owner.


Unfortunately, the list doesnt end there. There is a plethora of patents for your pets. Whats your take on all this?