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Can I Get a Patent on the Business Process of Continual Upgrades?

You mean everything I have is already obsolete? Butbut I just bought this one.

At the rate technology is currently moving, does it feel like we are constantly updating to keep pace? The Buy Back program from Best Buy certainly has us believe that we live in an outdated world. Welcome to 4G no 5G? No, its Bieber 6G Fever!

Sharon Osbourne: Whats a 6G?

Ozzy Osbourne: What the F%* is a Bieber?

Multiple new inventions appear to be patented every second.

Apple released the 2nd generation iPad seemingly eons ago (well, as eon as a month seems technology time is like counting dog years the same way you would Barry Bonds baseball stats). Anyway — the point is that there were thousands of people lining up at every Apple store during the first week of the iPad 2 release. Imagine the pain of waiting hours in line to donate $600+ only to realize iPad 10 has probably released during your lengthy wait time.

From BW TV to Colored TV to HD TV to 3D TV, I cant wait till a 5D is delivered to my door! The rate of technology development is wonderful for the worlds advancement.

I do, however, question what is the driving force for consumers to feel they need to constantly update. Do we need all this innovation, or is innovation creating the need? I was taught that Necessity is the mother of invention. Do you think thats true? Or, is invention the mother of necessity?

– Y.S.