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A Patent for Easier Easter Grass Removal

Easter came and went quickly this year at our house. It seemed to be over before it even started. Nontheless, it also seems to have eternal life at our house. I’m not speaking of the religious aspects of Easter when I talk about eternal life. I’m talking about how the Easter grass keeps showing up everywhere. If you have kids, then you know all about Easter grass the thin green strips of transparent plastic that stuff the bottom of the Easter baskets. You know how kids love to throw it everywhere. You know how it sticks to everything. You know how it takes forever to get it cleaned up because of the static charge. But you also know its all worth it to see the joy in their faces as they witness the wonder of the Easter Bunny and the surprise of whats in their basket on top of all that Easter grass.

Patent US 5,694,741 titled Easter Grass Bag Forming and patent US 5,678,388 titled Apparatus and Method for Making and Bagging Decorative Grass show how they make this Easter necessity. A continuous sheet of material is extruded and then cut by multiple blades into the individual filaments. The grass can even be bagged into cute little bunny shapes.

Now this patent really caught my eye: US 5,340,608 titled Method of Reducing Static-Charge on Easter Grass which incorporates an anti-static compound with the Easter grass.

Now where can I find this no-static grass in the store?

– S.M.