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Patent for Ranking Blogs

So… what determines the blogs that you may choose to read?

Continuing our series of blogs on the topic of blog patents, the patent we look at today is regarding the process for rankingblogs.

US7421429 B2

Generate blog context ranking using track-back weight, context weight and, cumulative comment weight


Abstract: A mechanism of ranking weblog or blog items is provided. More particularly, the subject ranking mechanisms can facilitate ranking blog feeds and blog items contained therein thus focusing and intelligently delivering content (e.g., blog items) to users. The subject innovation facilitates ranking the blog feeds and blog items by creating a context rank around each blog feed. The context rank represents a sum of a context weight, a track-back weight and a comment weight. Accordingly, this context rank can allow readers to sort blog items in the order of popularity or importance thus effectively reducing content noise.

So…Microsoft and Google know what blogs I might like… and Netflix knows what movies I might like… and Groupon knows what restaurants and shops I might like… and Amazon knows what books I might like… and knows what kind of partner I might like…

hmmm… why don’t I know what I might like??

– J.A.