Numerous Leading-Edge Search Tools

While anyone can use publicly available search tools such as Google Patents, we use not just one subscription-based search tool, but numerous ones.  We want to make sure that our Analysts have access to the best set of tools available to perform their jobs.  By utilizing a wide-array of tools, we ensure that divergent perspectives and multiple resources are brought to bear on each client’s project.  A sampling of tools that we use includes: 

  • MicroPatent™ by Thomson Reuters
  • Innovation™ by Thomson Reuters
  • ProQuest/DialoguePRO
  • PatBase
  • Questel
  • LexisNexis® TotalPatent®
  • IEEE

People sometimes ask us why we're not located near the patent office in Washington, D.C.  They ask us if that puts us at a disadvantage because some of our competitors advertise that their proximity to the USPTO allows their researchers to avail themselves of the USPTO public search room.  We chuckle.  We value our clients' confidential data far too much to ever be doing research in a public forum like that.  All of our patent searches are conducted only by utilizing high-powered search tools in a tightly secured network environment that we can control.  Our systems pass an annual security audit conducted on behalf of the USPTO.  We have access to the best search tools and all the same data -- actually, much more -- without ever putting confidential client data at risk by utilizing a public search room.   

Extensive Database Coverage

We have extensive access to a plethora of data. In theory there are an infinite number of areas that can be searched for a given invention due to the constant addition of prior art over time. Based on this theory, we continuously pursue finding the latest and best possible databases and developing skills to effectively search these databases in order to provide you with the perfect results. Currently, our coverage includes well over 100 databases spanning 70 countries and going back as far as 1836. Although we will always customize your search accordingly, we commonly perform searches involving U.S. Patents and Published Applications, International (PCT/WO) Publications, Foreign Patents and Published Applications along with Non-Patent Technical Literature.