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Freedom to Operate & All About a Professional Patent Search

A freedom to operate search is a professional patent search that gives you a better idea of what is possible for your business. It provides a clear picture of potential obstacles inherent with the commercialization of your products and ideas. Failing to perform a freedom to operate search can have costly consequences, and we strongly recommend every business to invest the time and effort into the process.

The Benefits of a Freedom to Operate Search

Conducting a professional patent search helps verify that your product is clear to enter the desired market, and it provides an accurate assessment of infringement risk.

The more detailed your search, the more reliable the search results. Every freedom to operate search should explore the existence of in-force patents, pending patent applications, and expired patents. The more comprehensive the search query, the more you can trust the results as you move forward.

After the search, your attorney can provide you with a freedom to operate opinion. This document states the legal opinion of the attorney regarding potential infringement. If you are involved in a litigious industry, this opinion can provide valuable protection against potential lawsuits. Moreover, if you are seeking outside investors for your product or service, this document may be required by prospective investors.

What to Include in a Professional Patent Search

We work closely with our clients to make sure the search results and our analysis is as detailed as possible. We recommend providing our team with a detailed description of your product or service. This should include the novelty of the product as well as diagrams of the design and other key features.

The more information you provide regarding the components that require clearance, the better. We also require a concise description of the scope of the search you want to be performed and the markets you want our patent team to investigate. Lastly, we recommend providing a list of known competitors who may have existing products similar in design and function to your own.

Reviewing the Results

A professional patent search usually takes one to two weeks to complete; the more markets that need to be investigated, the longer the process may take. Once compiled, the report is available to view and download through our secure client portal.  We are also happy to make our team available to go over the results of our analysis with you. We can help you understand what problems you may face, and options for surmounting potential obstacles in your path.

We encourage you to contact Global Patent Solutions at (877) 758-8634 for more information about the professional patent search services we offer. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and help you introduce your product to market as soon and as safely as possible.