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Trending Tech: Solar Patents

Patents are a great way to look into the future of our world, and solar technology is no exception. With an increased concern for environmental matters today, solar technology is paving the way for a healthier planet. Here are three solar patents that are helping our world become a little greener.

Solar Smart Phones

Cell phones take up so much of our lives today. In fact, many of us freak out if our power is on 5 percent and there is no outlet in sight. Well, solar energy companies and patents are working to make charging our smart phones a greener and less anxiety-inducing process. No more running to find an outlet. Instead, the sun right above you can help charge your phone. Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company, recently filed a patent for a smart phone that has a solar panel built into the back. A few companies have done this before with cell phone accessories, including the Russian company, Caviar, with their iPhone X TESLA. This cover has a built in solar panel on the back and is a work of art, but is costly to the general public with an over $4,000 price tag. Xiaomi’s patent could one day open up the doors again for consumers to have an affordable and solar charged smartphone.

Solar Roof Tiles

While solar panels on roofs are nothing new, solar roof tiles have been making an entrance in the solar roofing industry. Tesla sparked interest a few years ago when Elon Musk unveiled his patented idea for solar roof tiles. Traditionally, solar powered roofs are built from solar panels that are attached to the roof, but are not an integrated part of it. Tesla’s roof tiles are one of many companies that have produced solar roof tiles, where the entire roof is capable of taking in energy from the sun. What differs Musk’s Solar Roof from other companies that have solar panel roof tiles is its indistinguishability from traditional non-solar roof tiles that come in different textures and looks.

Solar Cars

Electric vehicles have been in mass production for a while now, but some car manufacturers are working to take environmentally friendly cars to a whole new level: solar. Hyundai recently unveiled a car with a solar roof, showing what the future of car manufacturing and technology can look like. The car from Hyundai is the Sonata hybrid, which says it could increase travel distances by 1,300 km per year. While Hyundai and other car manufacturers are working on bringing solar cars to the mass market, this is not the first time we’ve heard of the concept. Ideas for solar cars have long been patented and the first solar car was invented in 1955.

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