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Advantages of Patent Search Through Global Patent Solutions

Patent law is one of the most complex and nuanced fields of legal practice. IP protection–or lack thereof–can make or break businesses, and each legal opinion carries with it a huge weight of liability.

That’s why it’s so important that when you outsource patent search, you find a partner that will be reliable, thorough, and secure, putting you in good standing with internal and external clients and giving you absolute confidence in your counsel and opinions.

Worldwide Search, Local Talent

There’s a reason that we call ourselves Global Patent Solutions. Our clients typically need information beyond the scope of U.S. markets and operations. With over 12 languages spoken fluently, we have insights into phraseology and processes that will give you an edge wherever you or your client plans to expand. This foreign expertise also gives our US patent searches an edge, as examples of similar prior art in foreign markets can provide more information about the patentability and profitability of the intellectual property in question.

Although the scope of our search is global, our team is strictly on-shore. Our team of over 100 technical analysts are all based in the USA, and adhere to the most stringent security procedures and codes of conduct. This gives you complete confidentiality, even when dealing with the most sensitive information.

Proprietary Search Methodology and Tools

There are plenty of tools available to all who wish to conduct a prior art search, such as Google Patents and the USPTO’s online database. However, GPS’ search tools go far beyond what’s publicly available, and even beyond what’s available for most professional patent searchers. We utilize a plethora of search tools and have access to an ever-increasing set of data resources.  We’re constantly augmenting our toolkit, always testing the newest enhancements to traditional Boolean-based tools, as well as the newest AI-based capabilities, to make sure we’ve got the best resources possible to address your industry and your specific search parameters.  We leave no stone unturned. Learn more about our specialized tools here.

Of course, even the best patent search tools are useless unless you know how to use them to their best advantage. Each of our technical analysts go through our proprietary Black Belt System™ patent search training in order to ensure that we find what others miss. Our various trademarked search methods are optimally targeted to deliver the results you need in order to make your next move.

Trusted by the USPTO

We have long-term relationships with clients all around the country, primarily composed of seasoned patent professionals who trust us to give them thorough and accurate reports. We’re especially proud to include the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as one of our valued clients. We treat all of our clients’ work with the same levels of security and confidentiality that affords us to pass quarterly security audits by the USPTO.

Contact Global Patent Solutions to Learn More

In addition to our search services that go above and beyond for our clients, we also prioritize strict adherence to deadlines and reliable costs. We understand that time is of the essence when waiting for the results of a patent search, so we accommodate our clients without compromising quality. Last, we do so much more than just search.  “Solutions” is a part of our name because we are focused on creating output that truly assists our clients.  We strive to be an extension of your operation, regardless of how big or small your organization.  Ask us about the services we provide beyond just traditional patent searching.

To learn more about our techniques and services, call Global Patent Solutions today.