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Trending Tech: Artificial Intelligence Patents

New patent applications, when researched properly, tell a fascinating story about the future of innovation. When it comes to technology, artificial intelligence has been spawning a wave of game-changing inventions this century. Here at Global Patent Solutions, we love to dive deep into new and emerging technologies to help our clients make wiser legal and financial decisions. Here’s a closer look at some of the new developments in one of the most exciting fields today: artificial intelligence.

Current State of AI Technology

Although the concept of AI has been around for several decades, in recent years has it become a rapidly growing trend. Automation is one of the primary catalysts of this evolution, as we see computers speeding up redundant tasks and solving problems in the workplace. However, AI goes one step beyond automation. Machine learning has been a game-changer that has helped law enforcement, health organizations, and many other professions arrive at faster decisions in moments when it matters most.

Other forms of AI technology that have entered the business community and consumer culture include data analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and natural language search (NLS). These AI tools can be used for education, business analysis, for forecasting ROI, and countless other practices.

AI Trends Visible to Society

Virtual reality has proven to be more than an AI trend, as it makes its way into various industries as a way to simulate real world experiences through software applications. This technology creates perceptions of real world 3D experiences through tools such as Google Glass, which is useful for health care organizations. A virtual environment allows users to manipulate objects within a computer-based system and even in the physical world. Video games as well as 360-degree real estate virtual tour videos have helped usher in this new world of endless possibilities.

Other AI trends that are transforming into long-term developments include speech recognition, facial recognition, robotics, smart meters, and big data analytics.

Next Generation Technology

The terms “next generation” or “next-gen” are becoming very common in marketing these days. Sometimes they are overused by a company to paint a cutting edge perception. Companies that really are developing future technology based on AI patents include Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Siemens.

AI is useful in speeding up searches and learning patterns that can be used to create algorithms that simulate cognitive human processes to take action for problem-solving and meeting goals. The challenges for AI patents in the future will deal with high volume, complexity, and obscurity of information, as well as interpreting language. The stage is set for machines to learn and predict human needs and behavior.


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