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Why Careful Patent Search Matters

Much has changed since the late nineteenth century when the U.S. Patent Office Commissioner Charles H. Duell supposedly declared that every possible invention had already been invented. The statement was more likely rooted in folklore than an authentic historic quote since the era marked the beginning of electric power plants and cities illuminated with electrical lighting, along with cars and motion pictures. Since then millions of patents have been awarded, and patent search has become a vital tool for entrepreneurs.

Who Uses Patent Search?

Patent search services are widely used by intellectual property professionals such as IP lawyers and patent agents. They’re also used by researchers who help entities find out what opportunities might or might not have already been taken. Business executives can use patent search as a tool to minimize risk of infringing on earlier patents owned by competitors. They may also need patent information simply for evaluating industry data. Inventors also use patent search services to confirm economic and legal viability of their products and prototypes.

Importance of Patent Search

The proliferation of endless patents has made it necessary to utilize modern technology to manage the enormous ongoing data being generated by intellectual property owners. It’s common for a large corporation such as Apple to own thousands of patents, many of which are improvements on earlier patents.

In July 2018 rival smartphone maker Samsung agreed to a settlement of over $500 million (down from the initial ruling of $1 billion) for copying a portion of design elements from Apple’s iPhone. This case serves as a significant reminder that new products with similar functions to existing competing products can be considered infringement. The case reaffirmed the common legal notion that profits made from infringement can be equated with damages.

The irony of Apple’s settlement victory was the fact that the company’s late co-founder Steve Jobs once famously said, “good artists copy, great artists steal.” Apple has also sued Microsoft, HP, Motorola and HTC for lifting ideas from Apple products. Ironically, Apple’s MacIntosh computer was inspired by XeroxParc’s graphic user interface technology, but XeroxParc was unsuccessful in its suit against Apple in 1989. Obviously, patent cases are complex and multifaceted, and the stakes can be very high for either party.

Benefits of Global Patent Solutions

Not all search services are equal, as many are cumbersome and expensive. Global Patent Solutions is a company that employs well trained analysts who conduct fast, efficient patent searches. Not only are the costs affordable, but predictable as well. Some research firms take advantage of the ignorance surrounding patent law and tack on surprise costs. Global Patent Solutions is designed to help users find the information they need quickly and affordably, with transparent fees and highly-qualified researchers.


Patent search is one of the most complicated facets of modern business. Working with a reasonable fast turnaround service can give you a competitive edge by saving or generating millions of dollars. Contact us at Global Patent Solutions for more information on how our expertise can help you move forward.