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Tesla is on the Rise: New Patent to Boost Battery Life

Car manufacturers all over the world have been dipping their toes in the pool of electric vehicles for years now, but few have made such improvements in the field as Tesla. A pioneer in the industry, Tesla has made incredible strides in creating an affordable, high-quality product for people with all different needs.

The Model S, the world’s first premium electric sedan, currently comes with a range of 265 miles, more than three times that of the Nissan Leaf. Outfitted with retractable door handles, a 17-inch touch-screen display and a rear-facing child seat option, this car seems almost worth the $70,000 it costs on the market.

Plug in anywhere to recharge, or stop by one of the many public charging stations across the country. A full charge costs only a couple of dollars.

The Model S uses small lithium-ion batteries –cylindrical cells about the size of an AA – giving Tesla a bit more flexibility when it comes to packaging and providing consumers with better energy-dense material. Recently, however, the company has filed patents related to metal-air battery technology that could extend the vehicle’s range by up to 40%.

The “Electric vehicle extended range hybrid battery pack system” consists of two different battery packs, one a lithium-ion and the other metal-air, that work in opposite modes of operation. The first would provide regular “everyday” power to the vehicle, while the latter could be used to fuel the vehicle on longer low-powered road trips.

Even further, the patent states that, “the second battery pack may be used to charge the first battery pack or used in combination with the first battery pack to supply operational power to the electric vehicle.”

It’s an interesting concept that has other big companies, like GM, keeping a close watch on Tesla whose stocks have continued to rise. The company’s market value is now estimated above $22 billion, with stocks pushing $183 a share, an all-time high for the organization.

Whether or not the company continues to rise “sky-high”…well, we’ll just have to wait and see.