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Patent Ideas are Everywhere: More ideas from creative minds

Part 3 of the email Just when you thought all the good ideas were taken. Here are a few more of the ideas.

Going through puberty to become a man is so…so…yesterday. Help your child get a jump on manhood with this innovative idea for accelerating the process. Just think how jealous the other boys will be of little Jimmy. And the girls will be swooning.

Bed Divider resized 600

Hmmm…. so THIS is the way to ensure that I get my fair share of the covers, eh?

Teabag Dipper resized 600

This onehas apparently been patented already:

Check out patent DE19910982C1 titled Tea bag immersion device uses timer switch for controlling immersion interval before tea bag holder is automatically returned to its raised position or as they say in Geman Vorrichtung zum Tauchen eines Teebehlters. (I think I dont speak German.)

Teabag Dipper Patent Drawing resized 600

Stay tuned for more ideas in Part 4.

– S.M.