Global Patent Solutions (GPS) is an end-to-end patent research and IP consulting firm.  Founded in 2005, GPS has grown to employ a team of over 100 engineers, scientists, and analysts. The team’s core competencies encompass all aspects of invention and patent law; patent and technical research; taxonomy and classification of inventions; intellectual property analysis; and supporting software including machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and search logic. 

Leveraging the core competencies we developed through years of performing patent research, GPS now not only provides the research to support patent prosecution and litigation processes, but we now work with attorneys, inventors and R&D personnel in all sizes of organizations to help them optimize their management of intellectual property at all stages of the patent lifecycle.  We work with clients to bring software and service solutions to most cost-effectively address their needs.   

Clients of GPS range from Fortune 100 public and large private entities to solo inventors. Hundreds of successful companies, law firms, universities, and individuals have benefitted from our unique systematic approach to patent and IP research, and our application of that research into creative IP solutions. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) also contracts with GPS for patent search services, classification and reclassification services, and PCT written opinions.  Global Patent Solutions has a NIST-certified operating environment with an Authority-to-Operate (ATO) re-certified each year by the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

We work with successful business leaders and attorneys who are involved with protecting intellectual property for the companies they represent.  Typically, the individuals who work with us share that they had previously experienced one or more of the following:

  1. Faced tight deadlines and need quick turn-around on a research project with a firm they trust.
  2. Struggled to find a research partner with a breadth of experts across multiple technology areas, and a structured methodology to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  3. Were frustrated that the research they conducted or was conducted on their behalf wasn’t delivered in a flexible, concise and usable format
  4. Struggled to find a research partner that provides an unbiased, accurate and reliable dataset to enable effective decision-making.
  5. Wanted to be confident that the patents their filing claims will be upheld, or that if they’ve conducted a right to operate search, that they won’t be blindsided in the future.
  6. Were tired of managing the details and logistics of an internal research process, and prefer an option for outside help to supplement their capabilities.
Now they:
  1. Have confidence they have a competent partner that will meet these needs and continue to adjust to meet their new needs as their business evolves. 
  2. Are relieved to be able to rely on an outside partner for overflow research work, in total or when workloads fluctuate
  3. Are relieved to know the research they rely on is based on the best set of tools and databases available. 


To be the world's leading provider of the most accurate intellectual property data and solutions, thereby enabling the best-informed IP decisions and servicing the greater public.