Patent Intelligence Reports

Before your R&D team begins to develop in a new area or before you file for your first protection, it is essential that you obtain a very detailed and in-depth picture of the technology on which you are seeking protection. Our Patent Intelligence Reports (PIRs) provide a combination of an extremely broad yet in-depth search of the existing art that provides you with a complete picture of what is currently being patented and by whom. Our PIR reports are geared toward showing you what your competitors are doing from an IP stand point. This information can be extremely valuable since it allows you to focus your resources toward cornering markets, exploring new areas and ensuring successful patent prosecution. The results will allow you to see the IP "gaps" that your competitors have missed and help you fill those gaps with protected and licensable patents.

Patent Disclosure Drafting

We can assist Research and Development (R&D) organizations as liaisons between technical information and legal matters in order to assure all information regarding an invention is properly captured and disclosed. Working with Global Patent Solutions will give insight and foresight into your particular area of technology, which will channel your R&D into patentable and/or licensable products.

Patent Engineering & Consulting

Global Patent Solutions' highly technical background, coupled with previous USPTO patent examining experience has provided us with an intricate understanding of both sides of patent prosecution enabling us to assist you in drafting extremely high-quality patent disclosures. Our diverse yet extensive areas of expertise, make us an asset in supporting R&D teams, agents, attorneys and independent inventors. We can help to convey technical information accurately and assure all necessary information is included in the patent application. In addition, we can also assist Attorneys and Agents with numerous aspects of their prosecution such as Office Action responses, Appeals, Reissues, Reexaminations and PCT's.