Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) Annual Meeting, 9/24-9/26

Robb Evans and Kathryn Odland from GPS will be in attendance at this year's IPO Annual Meeting, September 24th to the 26th.  If you also happen to be attending, please reach out to them.  They'll be in a couple of committee meetings, but they would love to connect with you while in D.C.  It's always fun to meet in-person, since so much of our business is transacted long-distance by email and phone. Let's get together!

Association of Legal Administrators IP Conference, 9/26-9/27

Global Patent Solutions is sponsoring this year's Association of Legal Administrators' IP Conference, in Washington, D.C.  We're proud to be engaged with this active group.  In addition to participating in the insightful sessions of the conference, GPS will be providing a sneak peak of its Search Tool Optimizer (STO).  Used by GPS Analysts to improve the quality and efficiency of their patent searching, GPS is presently piloting its use with a select group of companies and law firms to provide them with similar benefits when doing their own searching.  If you think you might be interested in piloting the product yourself, reach out to Robb Evans at 877-758-8634.   

Women in IP

Last December, Global Patent Solutions was proud to host the 2018 AZ AIPLA Women in IP Cares Community Service Event. Women and men in the IP and greater legal communities came together to donate cash and in-kind donations of toys, games and dental supplies to Children’s Cancer Network. Children and families face many obstacles that begin with diagnosis and continue throughout the course of ongoing treatment. All cash and in-kind donations contributed by those attending the event went toward fulfilling CCN’s ongoing and much needed Admission Bag Program. For more information about CCN, please visit their website at


Stay tuned and reach out if you are interested in joining us for the 2019 AZ AIPLA Women in IP Cares Community Service Event. Details coming soon!


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Contact: Sherri A. Phillips at or (480)393-0464 ext. 107