Innovative Ideas That Make You Think - Why Didn't I Patent That?

Apr 22, 2011

Part 4 and final installment of the email “Just when you thought all the good ideas were taken.”   Here are the last “ideas.”

Belt Measurer resized 600 

 Hmmmmm... nothing like telling the whole world that you had one too many slices of pizza last night.


Self Photo Taker resized 600

And this way, you'll be able to always get a picture of yourself in your slightly larger new pants (one belt size larger than yesterday), even if your spouse isn't home to take the picture because they're presently out picking up tonight's pizza. 


But the final idea is truly spectacular.  No more scary accidents in the restaurant, right?

Tray with Fingerholes resized 600

This may keep the tray stable but I’m not sure how often you spill a drink by setting it on one of the finger protrusions.  This is another creative German invention.  Patent DE202006018387U1, titled Small drinks tray, with a wall, has a double base with tubes at the underside to take the fingers for a firm grip on the tray… or in German ….Kellner-Tablett mit Fingerlöcher zum sicheren Servieren. 

Tray with Finger holes Patent drawing resized 600

I hope you enjoyed these “ideas”.

- S.M.


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